Tuesday, June 19, 2007

one million Windows users adopted SVG in past 2 days

Apple surprised nearly everybody this month by rolling out a public Beta of Safari 3 that includes compatibility with Microsoft Windows.

In doing this, Apple also added support for SVG to those user's computers.

While Firefox users have had SVG support in their browser for a year or two, neither IE nor Safari users had it - until now.

Apple has announced in its first 48 hours, One million Windows users downloaded Safari 3 beta for Windows!

If Apple can sustain this rate of adoption for Safari for a few more weeks, the penetration of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) across all desktop platforms will have really reached impressive levels.

It would be nice if someone did a good implementation of SVG for IE users too.

One way that this could be done is via an ActiveX control and an IE plug/add-on. Then SVG could be rendered in the browser, even if the user is running IE.

In fact, in light of certain advantages of Safari that have come to light in recent years - it would be nice if Apple created a replacement for the famous/infamous MSHTML control.

That would solve certain well-known problems with Microsoft Outlook express when it comes to rendering HTML email, as well as curing a few as yet intractable ills in IE itself. If the menus still have the familiar cut-copy-paste, print, close, and exit commands - who could mind?

Of course, there would have to be a control panel or browser options setting to toggle back and forth between the two different rendering engines. Creating such a control panel should be no problem for Apple.

After all, Apple just ported the whole Safari browser to Windows. And, they already support making iTunes your default MP3 player on MS-Windows if you want.

So a little thing like giving the users their choice of rendering engine could help a lot of people. All the time computer companies are talking about giving users choices. This is one choice that is probably long overdue.

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Blogger stelt said...

Leopard was released, the Windows version of Safari had an upgrade, so maybe soon Safari 3 shows up on Iphone Ipod Touch.

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