Sunday, July 23, 2006

SVG Authoring Guidelines

SVG adoption has really kicked into overdrive with the inclusion of its capabilities in Firefox 1.5 when it was introduced last year.

Now that lots of people/companies are creating SVG web pages, a few common problems have surfaced.

One person has taken it upon himself to document what these problems are - and what to do instead, to make sure that SVG pages are enjoyable by the broadest audience possible.

It is a short document, and well worth taking 5 minutes to read - as well as bookmarking for future reference.

J. Watt, in SVG Authoring Guidelines, says:

There are a lot of mistakes in the SVG documents currently found on the Web. Because Adobe's SVG Viewer ignores many of these errors, the maintainers of these documents usually don't realise when they're doing something wrong. Unfortunately, the result is that far too often SVG on the Web doesn't work in Mozilla, Batik or one of the other SVG implementations. It is important that these problems are addressed as soon as possible to prevent them from propagating into authoring tools and the SVG documents that people will write in the future.

This document highlights some of the most common mistakes made in SVG content, and explains what SVG maintainers can do to fix them. The hope is that the SVG community will read this document, and that individual members of the community will do what they can to make sure that SVG on the Web is as portable as possible. Please spread the word. If you see others making any of the mistakes described here, please let them know so that they can correct them.

Speaking for myself, I have to say, Thanks, Jonathan!.

It is nice when someone with so much technical knowledge and skill as a writer shares something so important and useful with the community to which they belong.
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