Thursday, June 29, 2006

dojo-svg kicks off

The Dojo web components framework has had its architecture refactored for a while, so it could handle non-HTML based components.

As most web developers know, XHTML 1.1 and later have the capability of including multiple web document types in one single document. This is one of the reasons for moving away from the bush league HTML format, towards a more rigorous XML-compatible format.

SVG and MathML are a couple of the cool formats you can blend in with XHTML. If you look at the resulting compound document, as it is called - you will see everything described in the page.

The Dojo framework is now planning to capitalize on this new ability that browsers have, combined with their own framework's improved design - by introducing SVG components to the web.

Pretty cool idea. Here is an announcement about the project which came out last week.

Refactor the Life:
dojo%u2019s developers have made significant progress to explore how to integrate SVG support. Another candidate for the back-end render engine is VML. There are two projects in dojo SoC 2006, dojo-svg & dojo-vml, a universal interface is developed to glue the Gfx API and various back-end rendering engine. I prefer dojo-svg, since VML is only rendered within Microsoft Internet Explorer, while SVG is supported natively by Mozilla Firefox 1.5 , or any browsers with Adobe SVG plugin.


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