Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sam Ruby endorses SVG

Word is out that Sam Ruby is throwing his voice behind SVG, Apparently, he has described it as a positive epidemic.

Yup, it is everywhere and spreading fast - and, it is a Good Thing.

Something Witty Goes Here:
I follow Sam Ruby%u2019s blog to get some insight into feed-related and other hot web technologies, so I was happy to see this morning that Sam has given his vote of confidence for SVG as a technology. Sam raises a good point about SVG being a %u201Cpositive epidemic%u201D: We%u2019ve now got SVG in the desktop (Gnome/KDE), office applications (OpenOffice), web browsers (Opera, Firefox and soon Safari and later IE) and drawing programs (Inkscape). There are enough things out there including forms of SVG support that eventually support will even out and we%u2019ll have ubiquitous support everywhere.
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