Thursday, June 29, 2006

Opera 9 includes SVG support

Opera now has SVG support!

Something Witty Goes Here - SVG News Digest: 2006-06-23:
Opera 9 Released
A huge step forward for SVG in the web browser actually, Opera finally released Version 9 of their acclaimed web browser. Opera 9 includes SVG 1.1 Basic support, which is pretty close to everything I could possibly want in a SVG 1.1 implementation. Opera now has the best SVG implementation out there are the moment, and Firefox has a long ways to catch up in Firefox 3 (due some time next year).

Considering that Firefox has supported SVG since 2005 Q4, this means half the major browser brands now support SVG.

When the Apple Safari web browser goes from only including SVG support in their nightly builds - to including it in a release, that will be great. Actually, I think SVG support is in WebKit itself - so I guess SVG support would arrive in the form of a Software Update or new OS release. Hopefully, the former.

Anyway, once that happens, SVG is not only a de jure standard - but also a de facto standard. I think there is at least one other browser out there, but it will not matter. SVG will be running in 3 different browsers and those 3 cover every major desktop platform.

SVG has been included in hand held thingees since last year sometime, so it truly is a universal platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, X11, and various portable devices. There are plenty of APIs, conversion tools, and drawing tools that support SVG too. That is enough to make it worthwhile to developers.

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